This is an activity which does not require any kind of technical knowledge. In this one has to send some code (message) to the receiver sitting at another end through the given circuit and then the receiver has to understand the correct code by the blinking of LED light and write in down.

    General Guidelines

  • Carry your college Id card.
  • There will be two players per Team (A sender and a receiver).
  • Sender will be given an alpha-numeric message counting 10 characters.
  • A code list (same) will be provided on each end for coding and decoding the given message in light signals.
  • Sender will send the code via light signals.
  • Receiver will decode that signal and retrieve the original message.
  • Fee for First Trial : Rs. 40 per team
  • Fee for Second Trial : Rs. 30 per team
  • There will be two rounds:-
    1. Prelim
    2. Final
  • Qualifying Prelim round will go to Final round.
  • Judgment will be based on the accuracy and the time taken.

  • Any use of unfair means or foul language will lead to the disqualification of the team.
  • Players are not supposed to temper with the cable or circuit, It will lead to the disqualification.
  • No talking or cheats are allowed during the game play, If found it will lead to disqualification.
  • In case of any ambiguity the coordinators are free to make changes as they see fit.

Sakshi: 9958078341

Jyoti: 8810257447