This is an activity which puts to test your fun-tastical knowledge knowledge. In this event one has to answer a number of questions based on trivia related to the following: Friends, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and choice between DC/Marvel universe ,anime and Sherlock the TV Show.

    General Guidelines

  • Entry Fee: 20 per Head.
  • Carry your college Id card.
  • There will be two members in a team.
  • In the first round a question sheet with 20 questions will be given to each team.
  • Answers shall be written in legible hand right after each question in the space provided and the sheet turned in for evaluation
  • Top finalist shall proceed to next round
  • In the finals, questions shall be displayed on the projector screen and teams will answer them in a direct and pounce fashion (will be explained on the spot)
  • Winner will be decided based on the number of points accumulated at the end of the final round
  • Entry fee - Rs.20/- per team

Anshul Goel: 98111-24059

Virender Singh Dobal: 99711-06758