Rejoice And Redefine the experience of a Classic Board game that will gave you major throwback to your childhood.Navigate from start to finish, and complete the challenges you come across.On your way on the board, you may be elevated by ladders or dragged by snakes.Complete the task given every time you land on a ladder and cruise your way through to the Victory.

    General Guidelines

  • Carry your college Id card.
  • 3-4 players will be playing on the board at a time.
  • A dice will be rolled by each player turn by turn and the players will move on the board accordingly.
  • If a player lands on a Ladder, a time based task will be given. If the player completes the task within given time duration then only he/she will be allowed to climb the ladder otherwise not.
  • If a players lands on a snake the he/she will drop down to snake‚Äôs tail(at a lower position)
  • The player who reaches at end of the board (at number 50) first wins and will be awarded with a prize. Game will end as soon as a winner is declared.
  • Time limit for each round will be around 10-15 min.
  • Entry fee will be charged from each participant/player.
  • The decision of the managing coordinator will be final

Ashish: 9958120226

Parshant: 9540473811