IT quiz an initiative to help students keep pace with the evolving technology landscape in the process enhance their lateral thinking process.

  • Event is OPEN to all No ENTRY FEE.
  • Team Size : Maximum 2 members and individual participation is also allowed.
  • The participants are not allowed to use their mobile phones during the event. If caught, the team will be disqualified.
  • The event will be conducted in two Phases: Prelims (MCQ Round) and Finals.
  • The organisers retain the right to make changes to the event, the format, rules or in any other matter related to the event at any time, before, after or during the event.
  • If any dispute arises during the event, the decision of the organisers of the event and the faculty in charge shall be final.
  • ROUNDS are:
  • IT Quiz (MCQ Round)
  • IT Quiz (Finals)
  • Finals consists of 4 rounds :
  • Rapid Fire Round
  • Q&A Round
  • Tic­Tac­Toe Round
  • Visual Round
  • Tie-Breaker Round

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