The team chooses one person to begin drawing; this position rotates with each word. The drawer chooses a card out of a deck of special Pictionary cards and tries to draw pictures which suggest the word printed on the card. The pictures cannot contain any numbers or letters, nor can the drawer use verbal clues about the subject he/she is drawing. The teammates try to guess the word the drawing is intended to represent.

    General Guidelines

  • Carry your college Id card.
  • A team can have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 members.
  • Entry fee- Rs. 30/- per team
  • There will be three rounds -
    1. Words (Time Limit: 45 sec)
    2. Movie Names (Time Limit: 60 sec)
    3. Idioms (Time Limit: 120 sec)
  • Use of unfair means will directly result in disqualification
  • There will be cash prizes for the winners.

Akanksha: 9582166247

Kiran: 9717484298