It's fun filled game that can be played by teaming up with friends.
Kill First,Die Last.No Luck,All Skill

    General Guidelines

  • Entry Fee: 50 per Head
  • General:
    • All players will have a solo entry but event is in duo format.
    • If you enter in solo mode your partner will be randomly given and you cannot object to the decision made.
    • Game will pe played in TPP (Third Person Perspective).
    • Game will be a custom match by Room (private server)
    • Teaming up within the game is completely illegal and even against the PUBG policies which can result in account block.
    • All player must have their own active PUBG Mobile account and change in username must be informed to organizers before.
    • Game can be played on Mobile phones only.
    • All other emulators are illegal
    • Foul language, offensive and disruptive behaviour with other players or organizers will result in warning for the first time then disqualification will be rewarded without any refund.
    • Organizers have all the rights to change the settings and rules of the event any time keeping in mind the condition-based problems.
    • Room user id and password will be provided on spot.
    • Due to less participation in any of the mode match can be cancelled and all money will be refunded.
  • Map Pool:
    • Map will be from defaults only (chosen randomly by organizers) Erangel ,Miramar or Sanhok Type of game will be decided on the bases of number of participants.
  • Server Crash:
    • Server will be restarted only thrice if needed.
    • No individual plater can demand server restart.
    • If the server crashes before first 4 minutes, game will be restarted without any prior record.
  • Illegal Scripts of Software:
    • In general, all scripts are illegal.
    • Specifically taking use of external scripts or software (other than game) to get benefits over another player is completely illegal.
    • Violation of this rule can result in instant disqualification without any refund.
    • Remember hacking PUBG game is illegal and company has all rights to block your account or take legal action on doer.
  • How to win?
    • All player will put in arena with other players and last one standing wins. Winner will only be confirmed after overviewing the gameplay of the player by team of organizers, if not found cheating. Other players are also welcomed for report the player if they feel they are using illegal means.
  • All disqualification, price money-based and any related issues reside in the hands of organizers

Akshat Ahuja : 97111-46704

Manu Vats : 86849-53515