T-Shirt Painting

T-Shirt are part of our daily live. Lets see how the designers show their creativity on them!
I hope you will like these creative /brilliant/ funny T-Shirt design ideas for your inspirations.

T-Shirt painting must be based on the following Themes:

  • Music
  • Freedom
  • Respect for Animals
  • Delhi Pollution
  • Technology
  1. Team size is Maximum-2 members, Minimum-1 member.
  2. Only first and second place will be recognized as winners and awarded with cash prize.
  3. Candidates have to complete the painting within 90 Minutes.
  4. No extra time will be provided.
  5. Contestants are not required to bring their own material.
  6. T-Shirts and Colors will be provided by the organizers.
  7. All candidates must have separate registration form.
  8. Evaluation will be based on overall impact of the painting which will include Concept,
  9. Clarity and Creativity.
  10. Entry Fee:Rs 100

Aadresh : 9654708300